Amagine Technologies offers consultations with customers, architects, builders, contractors and designers to inspire, plan and execute customized designs to fit each individual’s lifestyle and budget.

Be sure to contact us and we will respond quickly. Using our technical knowledge and clear grasp of industry trends, we will partner with you to find solutions that are both practical and cost effective.


Commercial Packages

Conference Rooms That Do So Much More
Rooms so well planned you will want to meet daily…well, almost. Communicating your company’s image with a sense of style, while keeping the conference room’s functionality is our priority. See our many packages that includes state of the art options, such as: built-in microphones with ceiling speakers for overall best sound quality, rear screen projectors, and much more .

Stress Free Executive Office
We outfit your office to reflect your personal style while providing easy access to laptops and other electrical equipment. All electrical outlets and data ports are discreetly concealed in beautifully designed cabinets and podiums.

Surveillance Tools That Works
To increase productivity and reduce security risks, Amagine Technologies offers a wide range of property and employee surveillance tools.


Residential Packages

Your Music Played Throughout Your House
Let technology work for you as each room in your home plays your favorite songs. Play your entire cd collection or your coolest mp3 playlist or the radio- or even all three. You have the power – customize your home to your preferences.

Custom Built Home Theaters on a Budget
Add the “wow” factor to your leisure time by allowing us to custom design and install a complete home theater system that includes energy efficient lighting system, true sound acoustics and easy to use technology.

Integrated Home Technology
Save money, save resources and save time when we design a home technology system for you. Imagine pulling into your driveway and selected exterior and interior lights are on lighting your path. Imagine your home automatically turning on your preferred heating or cooling settings, so your “perfect” home is perfectly suited for you.


Digital Signage Packages

Church Packages
Every church now has the opportunity to reach its members through affordable digital signage. Communicate meeting and location information, advertise upcoming events We offer solutions tailored for any size church.

Educational Institutions Package
School districts, universities and community colleges and private school entities can now stay connected to even off site and remote site locations. We design packages that utilize the latest technology to inform, share resources and communicate rapidly.

Small Business Packages
Competitive and low cost, we scale our comprehensive packages to custom fit your business.


  Digital Signage